Welcome to the shared CLC database

Welcome to the CiviCLC CLCNSW & shared CRM.

This page and user guide is still being developed. 

This website contains the shared Media, Politician and Community Legal Centre contacts.

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The contacts in this database will be shared with other participating CRMs. Eventually, users will be able to update this database from satellite CRMs, for now please email change requests to: web.admin[at]clcnsw.au

This CiviCRM installation contains the following active  core components:

  •  CiviMail
  •  CiviReport
  •  CiviEvent
  •  CiviCampaign
  •  CiviCase
  •  CiviVolunteer Extension

Components which have been deactivated:

  •  CiviMember
  •  CiviGrant
  •  CiviContribute
  •  CiviPledge

The official CiviCRM user guide which details using these components can be found here.

A specific guide for civiVolunter can be found here

Email questions and queries to web.admin[at]clcnsw.org.au